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Experience meets Perfection

Cormier has been around for quite sometime, for 66 years strong. And though many things have changed over the years, some of our recipes stayed the same with their delicious homemade charm. Since Liz and Joe took over 5 1/2  years ago, we at Cormier have been updating things.   


One of the things we’ve updated is our website. This had launched us forward to start blogging. We are new to blogging but will keep everyone updated with our weekly and monthly events that we are looking forward to.  Maybe even share some of our favorite dishes from our family’s personal kitchen. 

Speaking about kitchens, ours have been fitted with a bit of DIY and a few metro racks. Over this past year we have been going through all of our older pots, pans and serving dishes to keep our storage areas neat and organized. 

First step to getting such a large storage area organized is to take a general assessment of the things you want to get rid of, (specific boxes or certain things)

Second: Go through each item and re-store them in a new box or storage bin. We found milk crates very useful because they are easy to transport, you can see whats inside them without labeling and they wash easily.  

Third: Wash the area where the things were stored, that way everything can start fresh. 

Fourth: The best option before throwing them out is to find a buyer. Luckily, we have a restaurant goods business in North Brookfield who were willing to buy our old dishes from us, and whatever we couldn’t use we were able to give away to a monastery that needed them.  

Finally: Now that the area of clutter is gone, we found it was best to fit the open area with simple wire racks. This make everything easier to see and clean. You can now spread out the the things you want to keep. Here’s the finished product;