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Car Show Concession Stand

In August we had a great opportunity to do a concession stand for the Sterling Car show. Our menu had great throwbacks like handmade ½lbs burgers and an all time favorite hotdogs. What really blew the guests were the locally made Sausage peppers and Onions, and Joe’s own Marinated steak grinders. All of our food was cooked to order, so everything was fresh. People were eager to try our food, and did not mind waiting a few moments as we cooked each item. The whole atmosphere was very relaxed. I think you could say that people came for the cars but stayed for the food because we were so well received.


And currently we finished up a wedding for a colorful bride and groom in the comfort of the brides family lake house. The beautiful back drop gave way to the joyful sounds and warm smells of the food.  We served up some of the brides favorites like Seafood Newburg and Roast with a savory au ju sauce.  We went all out with a pillowed buffet display, that gives any basic buffet a beautiful heavenly feel. At the end of the night empty plates came back with people happy to extend a “thank you for the wonderful food.”  Along with big smiles, some even came up for seconds or thirds.